Building Your Business
Why Join?

PLATO EBR is a tried and tested business development programme targeted at SME Companies who:

  • Require help in facing the challenges associated with business development
  • Wish to share with other owner/managers how to tackle mutual SME issues
  • Wish to develop their management skills and expertise
  • Are willing to participate in an active way

PLATO EBR will provide SME owner/managers with:

  • A safe and confidential forum to develop their businesses and management skills
  • Facilitated group learning
  • 1 to 1 mentoring support
  • Specialist expertise and advice
  • Networking opportunities
  • Business development training
  • Unique partnership with large Parent companies
  • Access to new markets

Group meetings are complemented by mentoring on an individual basis depending on the specific needs of the company.  Periodically more formal training seminars will be organised involving participants from the wider network. Therefore within a network, managers of small companies have an opportunirt to access training, to get advice and assistance from specialists in larger companies, to share experiences abd therefore learn from one another.  They can also access information and develop effective support structures and sounding boards for making management decisions,

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