Building Your Business
The Border & Brexit

26 May 2017

eEnterprise Ireland are hositng a number of roadshow information sessions to inform SMEs about the need to make preparations for Brexit.

The Brexit Unit at Enteprrise Ireland recently held a Breakfast meeting in the Hillgrove hotel, Monaghan - it's one and only event in the Border region and outside a city area. The session focussed on introducing the audience to the nine pillar areas where your business could be exposed and thus nine area to focus on for assessing your readiness to deal with Brexit.

The nine pillars are:

Market Dynamics




Supply chain

Transport & Logisitics

Regulations & Standards

Customs, tarrifs and taxation

Movement of People


Small and medium-sized businesses can avail of a Be Prepared Grant of €5,000 or 50% of total expenditure.

For more information visit: or Telephone 01727 2727

Please Download the presentation slides Below

Prepare For Brexit Monaghan May 25 2017

  • Cavan
  • Louth
  • Meath
  • Monaghon