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Take 5 minutes to Turbo-charge your Success with Susan Hayes, The Positive Economist

9 March 2015

5 times 5 tips

Tip #1: Small things can make a big impact. I have a limited number of KPIs I check regularly to make sure I'm on track. Whenever I talk about KPIs, people often think it must be a terrible hassle, having to keep track of all those spreadsheets. Not at all – it only takes five minutes!

That's the best thing about these super-effective systems: you could implement them now and immediately be on your way to bigger success.

Tip #2: Turn your finances around with this 5-step diagnostic. Did you know that the five biggest budgeting mistakes are easily avoided?

Tip #3: There's an app for that. These 5 software or web-based tools don't cost anything and will improve your productivity and your sales.

Tip #4: Every little helps. We all want to make the world a better place, only we're not quite sure how. But you would be amazed at the impact you can have: just a little bit of your time, your money, or your expertise, can yield tremendous results.

Tip #5: Giving your audience the number of points you're going to make, right from the start, is a great way to sustain their attention. Which is why my TEDx talk is called “5 key ways to define yourself and turbo-boost your career”.

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