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Some Tips for Speaking in Public from the Positive Economist

30 September 2015

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The ability to speak in public, to captivate an audience, to deliver a speech with poise and grace – many of us dream about it, but think it’s beyond us.

It’s not a matter of innate abilities. It’s much more a matter of practice… which takes time. However, the results are incredible and will turbo-charge your career, and when you start speaking in public you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start years earlier.

If you think you're too shy to ever open your mouth in front of more than three people, in the podcast I share tips to start practicing in a safe, positive environment.

If you’re worried your child is too shy, see whether their school or their year has a debating team. With the opportunity to be part of the team, they might grow to love it.

That’s how I got my first heady taste of public speaking, as well as lots of wonderful coaching from my English teachers, in a supportive, safe environment. Never underestimate the impact of teachers!

Incidentally, speaking up with confidence and poise was also one of the skills our #SavvyTeens got to practice hands-on: this summer Monica Murphy and I delivered three week-long sessions of the #SavvyTeenAcademy. It was an intensely enjoyable experience for all involved and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

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