Building Your Business
Regina Byrne held Two Leadership Training Sessions yesterday customised to the needs of PLATO Companies in the East Border Region.

15 May 2019

Regina’s approach was to draw from multiple disciplines and theories and focus on a practical common-sense interpretation for “what works for you”. Regina positioned the content in terms of everyday leadership and making it stick through “real conversations”.  Regina reminded the group that company values are not just on the wall but culture is in real conversations – it needs to make sense everyday.

PLATO companies in attendance took heart from the idea of starting from where you are and building on your existing strengths and having self-awareness. Many individuals have not had the opportunity to focus on their leadership capability an opportunity which PLATO often provides for the first time. Regina drove home the point that it starts with you not the other managers you hire in, you need to self-manage as the first step before you ‘people manage’ and there is need to recognise leading as an essential skill not a soft skill, it is a hard skill and depending on (personality) profiles it may not come easily to lead.

Regina also presented the notion of reflecting on positive and negative and how there is a need for balancing 1 negative with at least 3 positives – there is a need to celebrate successes and what has worked and there is equal need to learn from mistakes. Appreciation is key and doesn’t require monthly reward schemes a simple thank you or better a well done in situation when it happens in real time is more rewarding for All staff morale.

Regina put the companies through several exercises including finding the Reset Button, she introduced the concept of a Policy rather than a rule – human nature prevents people responding well to rules. Regina also spent time in the afternoon session on the importance of everyday language – motivating and leading based on the words you use. The afternoon session also covered why certain individuals in teams may ask questions when given tasks to complete. This exercise enabled companies to gain a better understanding of potential results of individuals based on categorising individuals in a team (e.g. obligers, rebels etc.) and the need to manage individuals rather than just team performance to enhance the culture of the company.

Regina also illustrated startling figures relating to the lack of retention of information thus the need for stating the obvious, ongoing communication for connection, and the same message repeated positively in many different ways – touch points, storytelling.

Regina confirmed Leadership in small companies was also about setting expectations for the leader, for the staff, when things go wrong etc. There is a need to set the terms beyond the interview stage and there needs to be points of flexibility built-in so it can be adapted for people. Perhaps training was not required in most situations and small companies should rely on “teaching moments”, calling it when you see it – companies can put too little emphasis on this but it is “such a wasted opportunity”.  

Regina also covered the area of communication for different purposes and strategies for how to be a better listener. For more information visit: Regina Byrne Coaching at:


The training was held in Magherafelt Council Offices, thanks to Mid Ulster District Council for supporting this PLATO Training event.

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  • Meath
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