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PLATO tours Celtic Pure to visit its Robotic Warehousing

3 May 2018

Padraig McEneaney, PLATO Group Leader on the Graduate Forum took time out of his busy schedule this morning to show 30 small businesses registered on the PLATO Programme around this state-of-the-art facility on a green field site in Corcreagh, Monaghan - a long way from manufacturing at a garage at the house and selling door to door in Monaghan and Navan.

In 2006/07, the company was re-borne by an investment of €1.2Million in a blow moulding facility and warehousing. Padraig explained how the drive for market share led to investing in scaling up the production capacity of the plant by installing new bottling lines, all the time increasing employment around the local region. Today. Celtic Pure’s recent €7Million has enabled leading edge technology to be installed in the warehousing facility to cater for the expanding demand for the award winning water. Celtic Pure supplies into all the main retailers under Celtic Pure label and own-branded products into Ireland and UK as well as hotel, restaurants and pubs with water being shipped as far as China.

With significant trends in health, the company will also launch its own flavoured waters having researched the market leading #puremoments campaign.

Listen to Padraig HERE 

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