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Now open for company recruitment

21 December 2012

Now open for company recruitment

PLATO EBR is currently in recruitment phase seeking to recruit micro- to medium- sized enterprises into a number of Groups throughout the East Border Region. PLATO EBR seeks to benefit companies that require assistance in tackling the challenges associated with business growth and development in a safe learning environment shared with other companies tackling similar issues. PLATO provides a platform for developing the company and the management skills and expertise of the individuals involved on the growth journey.


  • SME enterprises in all areas of commercial activity (except purely retail)
  • Only SME companies operating within the East Border Region area and Meath
  • SME companies with senior management support who can demonstrate a clear commitment to the programme
  • Membership is typically for an initial 12 month period

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  • Cavan
  • Louth
  • Meath
  • Monaghon