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PLATO EBR hosted a welcome meeting for members of the South Monaghan PLATO EBR group

The South Monaghan grouping is composed of 15 companies from diverse locations throughout the EBR region, from Newry, Monaghan, Louth to Meath. The companies are from a diverse range of industry sectors including Security, Coachworks and operators, furniture manufacturing, professional and consultancy services, craft and heavy engineering.

Facilitating the group is Martin McVicar founder and CEO of Combilift and Pat McAdam, Director of BOSE sound systems alongside group co-ordinator Fern Ross, Effista.  

Speaking at the event, Padraig McEnaney, MD of Celtic Pure recounted his past experience of being a PLATO member and the value of the network for developing the thinking behind the company growth.

Pat McAdam from BOSE highlighted the common issues within the group although they were from diverse sectors, it was apparent that doing business online was becoming a major force as was the importance of taking the business to the next level and the work it entails. Martin McVicar from Combilift provided a humorous account of how his business first started in someone else’s garage and the satisfaction with developing a high growth business with nearly 300 employees worldwide. Martin also spoke from his own experience in that "Entrepreneurs tend to spend a lot of time wokring in their business but not on their business and he welcomed the PLATO EBR Programme from that aspect sicne it owuld give the participants time to focus on their busness, away from their business". Both Pat and Martin emphasised the importance of being ambitious to grow and ambitious to learn.

PLATO EBR is currently taking applications for other groupings in the region, if interested please APPLY NOW


For more information about group members please visit the directory. Pictured below are members of the South Monaghan PLATO EBR Group alongside their group facilitators. PLATO EBR wishes the Group well in their 12-month Programme of activity ahead.


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