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PLATO EBR Participants work on Mental Fitness for Business Success

3 July 2013

PLATO EBR held its first training session for participating companies from across five groups currently operating across the East Border Region.  The workshop 'Mental Fitness for Business Success' was held at Concra Wood where participants were surrounded by Lough Muckno and it's tree-bound islands along the shore.  

The workshop was delivered by  Neil O Brien, who having spent over 20 years working in the banking sector cut loose and started his own business Time to Fly Ltd.  Neil has carved out a niche market for himself building a successsful business helping others develop their mental fitness and potential in the world of business, sport and in life.  He recently penned ‘Time To Fly!’ a book suitable for anyone tired of settling for less than they are worth in life, work and business.

The workshop was engaging, interactive and resulted in particating companies agreeing to take on the 'PLATO EBR 3:2 Challenge'.  For the next ten weeks participants agreed that Tuesdays and Thursdays would become their 'zero tolerence' days.  On these days participants would take on a challenge, move out of their comfort zone and do something that makes a difference in carrying out their business tasks but would be held accountable to their peers for completing the challenge.  

The thought provoking workshop was followed by a summer social event which gave participants an opportunity to meet others from across the East Border Region and share their experience of running a business, participating on PLATO EBR and enjoy the fantasic ion of food on offer during the evening.

Watch this space for more over the next 10 - 12 weeks to see if PLATO EBR participants were up for the challenge!

Companies from Louth, Monaghan, Meath and Newry and Mourne attended the workshop which was the first of a two part training programme.  

partcipants got to grips with: 

Mental Fitness – How mentally fit are you and your business right now: How to measure this, track progress and become even fitter.  How do you move from knowing to doing?

The Value of Worth –  self-worth becomes team-worth becomes company-worth and customers love dealing with high-worth people, teams and companies: the link between self-worth and winning business was explored.

Keep on Keeping on –  you experience setbacks and disappointments, that’s not the issue, the issue is the effect these have on the resilience of you and your business: How to recover quickly, get going, where to focus the effort and how to stay on track. 






  • Cavan
  • Louth
  • Meath
  • Monaghon