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PLATO EBR Launches its Production Manufacture Cluster at Glen Dimplex Ireland

16 October 2015

Yet another PLATO EBR Group kicks off for the 2015 Programme, this time the group is composed of a dozen manufacturing and production-oriented SMEs from the EBR region. On Thursday 15th October at 7:30am, the Meath group met in parent company premises, Glen Dimplex Ireland, Dunleer.  The companies are all producing something from Digital Technologies, Food, Recycling Products, Soaps to Electric Cars, Construction- and Engineering related and precision engineered component manufacture. As with all the PLATO EBR 2015 Groupings companies are a jurisdictional mix where companies in attendance originate from Down, Meath, Cavan, Louth and Monaghan.

Facilitating the group is Joe Hughes, Technical Director at Glen Dimplex Ireland in the R&D Heating Division, a longstanding Plato Leader Company in the region; and a previous participant of PLATO EBR 2012-2015 Programme, a home-grown parent company in McArdle Skeath’s Michéal McArdle. The group will also be ably facilitated by John Lennon, a well-known Executive Coach in the area of manufacturing, having delivered on multiple EI Programmes and initiatives including the Irish Exporters Association.

Participant companies had the opportunity to present their own individual company growth trajectories and their aspirations for their 12-month Programme. Joe Hughes from Glen Dimplex who kindly hosted the first meeting in the Dunleer plant, highlighted the growth journey of Glen Dimplex Group and the ongoing challenges the company faces as a multinational. Joe also spoke of the benefits of the Progamme and his lessons learnt from prior involvement in the EBR Programme 2012-15. Dr Cecilia Hegarty of PLATO EBR thanked Joe …”for the ongoing commitment of the Glen Dimplex Group to PLATO and for hosting the first meeting”.  

Michéal McArdle of McArdle Skeath, introduced his own personal growth journey through the family business which started as a child “messing in the cab of trucks in the yard” and progressing to MD of the company. Michéal’s understanding of growing a family business in a dynamic sector and his future growth ambitions for the company resonated with many of the participants. Dr Cecilia Hegarty said “she was delighted to have a recent past participant of PLATO EBR 2012, make the step up from ‘being a kid to a parent company’, which bore testimony to the astounding success of the McArdle Skeath company under the stewardship of Michéal. No doubt participant companies will benefit throughout the course of the Programme from Michéal’s experience and perspective but also they will be able to contrast that of a home-grown family business to that of a multi-national such is Joe’s experience in Glen Dimplex.”

At the first meeting, participants were also introduced to the PLATO Model, Programme Structures and Partners. Cecilia said, “This production manufacture PLATO Cluster should allow companies to realise their full potential over the next 12-months by holding participant companies accountable for their ongoing decision-making to better inform the strategic growth of the company.”

More information to appear shortly on participant companies.

PLATO EBR is currently over-subscribed; PLATO EBR is taking applications for other groupings in the region, subject to funding, if interested please APPLY NOW and/or send queries to

PLATO EBR wishes the Meath Group well in their 12-month Programme of activity ahead.

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