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PLATO EBR Internationalisation Cluster reaches its Crescendo

20 November 2014

Since 2013, ten PLATO EBR export-focused companies have been working extensively with Bisnet-Ireland conducting feasibility studies through technical clinics covering prototyping and devising marketing plans resulting in product trials in new emergent markets for the companies which have included Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and the US.

Since more and more SME’s are recognising the value of internationalising their product, PLATO EBR offered a series of workshops for businesses interested in exploring whether or not they should expand their marketplace. The workshops were also endorsed through a real-life case of internationalisation from the award-winning company FM Environmental. As part of the PLATO course, FM Environmental shared their experience in real time of their expansion into the North American market which illustrated the process and partnerships and the challenges with recent blockades. There have been a number of successes throughout the Programme of activity for the participant companies beyond product adoption in new markets. Pictured below are Michelle and Barrack Obama with Shane O’Hanlon of O’Hanlon Property Services and also the McKeever Family Long Meadow cider who have won the Great Taste Awards 2013 launching their new Christmas Hamper which will be raffled off at the PLATO EBR Engage II event on 11th December 2014.




Bisnet-Ireland are currently drafting a cluster strategy comprising an action plan for each participating business identifying the current and anticipated future needs of businesses in the Cluster. For further queries contact Bisnet-Ireland by Email to

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