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PLATO EBR Companies Get on The Green Platform

16 March 2016

An audience of over 50 delegates were involved in an inspirational seminar on the morning of 15th March in Cootehill Cavan. The seminar provided attendees with an understanding of the impact of a positive mind-set on their bottom-line. Getting on the Green Platform has proven ability to increase company productivity rates by 31% and sales by 37%.

Globally renowned expert, Declan Coyle of Andec communications, returned to his native Cavan to provide a life-changing opportunity for entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial teams to grasp – an opportunity to hop onto the Green Platform! Declan’s unique use of tools such as NLP to focus Leadership Teams on personal and company goals to maintain consistently high levels of motivation and success is underpinned by harnessing the unique power of individual personality styles using the Enneagram Model. He combines this with the Red & Green Platform System he developed that has revolutionised leadership thinking and performance in companies where he has worked. Declan's success as a key motivator for Business Leaders has in recent years also been harnessed in the sports arena where he has given regular goal setting and mental strength motivational sessions to a number of GAA teams.

Dr Cecilia Hegarty of PLATO EBR said “Declan is above all a great story-teller and the simple everyday analogies he uses – often rooted in his Cavan upbringing – sink in with companies so we can all identify with the case examples presented.”

Phrases such as “you cannot teach a hen to swim….you find a duck” resonated with the audience dealing with challenging management situations on a daily basis. Declan reinforced the need for taking control of situations by choosing your response to events - choosing positive responses has been proven to better the outcomes for all stakeholders in the situation. Companies were encouraged to get into a “white space”. Declan suggested he often heard entrepreneurs say “The bad egg in my company has a great technical mind, he/she may be an energy vampire but they have their technical strengths” Declan said this is no excuse for bad behaviour –bullying and harassment – they can have such a significant effect on the business in terms of lowering the morale, eating the positive culture of the wider organisation that it time to get them off the bus. Declan said “you need to get the right people on the bus, get the right people in the right seats and know the direction in which you are headed.”

Declan’s book The Green Platform simply life-changing is a good place to start in reading more about his work. Declan will soon be launching his new book featuring life stories from people all over the world who have implemented his tools to their advantage.

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