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PLATO EBR 2015 Programme Underway

1 October 2015

Monday 28th September at 7am saw the first cohort of PLATO EBR companies awaken to the possibilities for new growth! The PLATO EBR Dundalk grouping is composed of 16 companies from diverse locations throughout the EBR region, from Lisburn, Armagh, Banbridge to Navan in Meath. The companies are from a diverse range of industry sectors including Education, Media, Transport, Food, Construction-related and Leisure, Adventure, Professional and Consultancy Services and Heavy Engineering.

Facilitating the group is Jim McAdam founder and CEO of Multihog and a longstanding Plato Leader Company in the region, PKF-FPM (previously known as FPMCA) through their Managing Director Michael Farrell.

Participant companies had the opportunity to present their own individual company growth trajectories and their aspirations for their 12-month Programme. Jim McAdam from Multihog highlighted the growth journey of his company and the technological advances within the Multihog range required to future proof the business. Jim’s passion to succeed, face challenges head on and think creatively about new business inspired the group.  Whilst the group are from diverse industry sectors it was clear that common issues/challenges to growth exist within the network.

Michael Farrell highlighted the PKF-FPM globalisation business model suggesting that all companies irrespective of scale need to innovate or risk stagnating. Dr Hegarty, Director of PLATO EBR  presented on the wider PLATO Model, Programme Structures and Partners. Cecilia said, “ The PLATO Network should allow companies to realise their full potential over the next 12-months by holding participant companies accountable for their ongoing decision-making to better inform the strategic direction of the company.”

More information to appear shortly on participant companies.

PLATO EBR is currently over-subscribed, PLATO EBR is taking applications for other groupings in the region, subject to funding, if interested please APPLY NOW and/or send queries to

PLATO EBR wishes the Louth Group well in their 12-month Programme of activity ahead.

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