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PLATO Dublin New Programme

17 May 2013

Already, over 2000 small and medium sized companies in Dublin have experienced substantial benefits as a result of their involvement with Plato and  over 100 new businesses  have become involved in the new season of training, advice and development that launched on April 10th 2013 in the  Guinness Storehouse.

Plato Dublin offers ambitious owner managers a business support forum, where they can develop new ideas and tackle the challenges and issues in today’s tough business climate. Large companies, both multinational and indigenous, help small and medium sized businesses, through peer learning. In addition, guest speakers with particular expertise are brought in to discuss different business topics on a regular basis. The ‘parent’ companies involved  in the new programme include:  DCU, Diageo, Ericsson, ESBI, IBM, Microsoft,  Paypal,Pfizer and Ulster Bank.

Marion Walshe, Regional Organiser, Plato Dublin said: “Thousands of small companies have benefited from what Plato has to offer. We provide practical training, business counselling and support to help develop the skills necessary for small businesses to grow and prosper and move on to the next step. A unique aspect of Plato is the participation of large local parent companies that offer participants access to a full range of management expertise. Those who successfully participate in the PLATO programme invariably show greatly improved management awareness and effectiveness, greater productivity and increased turnover and profits”.


Norma O’Neill, Director of O’Neill Healthcare Ltd. said “The Plato Programme proved invaluable for the development of our business. Amongst other things, what was covered allowed us to successfully put together and implement a new business plan. My style of leadership, and communication skills, has been enhanced greatly.  Sharing these experiences with such a dynamic bunch takes the "lonely boatman" aspect out of being in business. Their enthusiasm is contagious. After each meeting I head back to the grindstone with much more knowledge and a bit more confidence. For anyone thinking about signing up, I'd recommend you go for it!”

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