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PLATO Companies packed out the Digital Bakery Social Media Seminar in the Mill

18 April 2018

PLATO member companies flocked to this joint seminar from PLATO and the Digital Bakery seeking to improve understanding of how social media is working for small businesses and changing provider platform functions. The seminar covered aspects of the wide digital marketing sphere but mainly focussing on facebook and newer functions and google business - with neat tricks on implementing and integrating digital strategy, on organising social media for companies that have diverse business components, tips on organising campaign events, improving content and much more.

This training session broadly covered in great detail the essential do’s and don’t’s, giving an overview of the advanced techniques when building digital marketing campaigns and as important some the tips for monitoring digital performance in order to increase brand awareness, integrate digital marketing with your marketing strategy and ultimately increase sales online.

Both Gwen and John noone provided the seminar and some takeaways were broadly captured as:-

- Google yourself, when not logged in or other machine - track constantly

- Importance of social media bio as 3 minute elevator pitch

- Value of changing cover images in facebook visual as opposed to text-based to not superseed text allowance

- Importance of notifications and automatic responses e.g. Drift

- Value of added Apps such as Chatbox - people don't really buy as much over telephone anymore

- Making facebook page templates relevant to your industry sector using the correct tabs and rejiigging tabs of importance to appear first if more relevant to your industry sector - Gwen said "the 3 second rule is in use but it is a long time if you count slowly - don't be afraid!"

- Importance of video imagery - changing photos into slideshow, including music, all at fingertips and so user-friendly

- Make sure you track your performance e.g. export data - and keep relevant data only and look and compare next week or month or whenever your timesframes are for monitoring 

- Make sure your vital statistics are 'clickable' e.g. call now - Promote function in Facebook

- Value in creating a poll and this can be done through Twitter feed also, use of Apps e.g. Hootsuite

- Develop meaningful blogs e.g. don't just post 3 a month because that is your target - it is best if driven by poll and FAQs etc. as then more useful to potential buyers

- Value of Google business in making it easier to create adverts and to showcase your company and you should build your profile as this information is used when clients google your company, rather than leave it to organic searches

- Look at bounce rate as this can push you down in rankings so be aware!

- Don't forget to put expiry date on google posts!!

...and the list goes on....

The PLATO attendees had so many questions and Gwen and John were able to answer comprehensively and efficiently as well as inject fun and humour into the session so as to encourage small businesses to do more for themselves but to do it right with a bit of initial guidance. For more information on the Digital Bakery visit here: 

PLATO EBR wishes to thank the Digital Bakery for delivering the Seminar and the Mill for catering for the Training Programme. 

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