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PLATO Companies get a Sneak Preview of Combilift's New Factory

16 May 2017

A number of PLATO member Companies from the six cross-border network groupings attended the site Visit to Combilift earlier this week. The PLATO companies are made up of a range of growth-oriented companies in diverse industry sectors from IT software solutions, chemicals supply, professional services to manufacturing and precision engineering.


PLATO EBR Companies pictured with Martin McVicar, MD of Combilift at New Factory Site

Martin McVicar MD of Combilift and past PLATO Leader hosted the visit led an interactive workshop at the Gallinagh premises first. The workshop focussed on the topic of “when to move” and “how to scale” when you are a growing company. Martin also covered additional aspects of CE marking, production and managing stock, R&D and recent patented technology, distribution agents and sales. Martin advocated the “follow your customer’s route to market. It is much easier to retain a client than put a lot of effort into securing new”.


PLATO EBR Companies pictured with Martin McVicar, MD of Combilift at Gallinagh Site

Combilift’s suite of products relies on sound engineering solutions for the customer, “… not over-engineered, any good mechanic should be able to repair or replace component parts” says Martin. The company offers free warehousing design solutions in 2-D and 3-D as well as supplying the machinery for use within the warehouse. Martin also alluded to the second factory site in Clontribet where the focus is on manufacturing straddle carriers (for when forklift trucks cannot lift sufficiently heavy enough loads). The company is 99% export-focussed and a tour around the existing site indicated the breadth of bespoke Combi-lift forklifts on offer and the number of markets served.

After lunch, the visiting companies had access to the unique L-shape designed new factory which is not yet officially opened. The PLATO EBR companies therefore benefitted from the Behind the Scenes look at the state-of-the art 11-acre Facility. Most manufacturing facilities might be square however the reason for its unique L-shape is not to do with Site conditions or restrictions but rather related to proximity to the Offices from any part of the factory floor. The factory has a sky rail so that tours in the future will have a birds-eye view of the production floor.


PLATO EBR extends every good wish to Combilift for their Big Move to their new premises.

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