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PLATO Companies Get the Cream at Lakeland

8 February 2018

Tim Acheson MD of Lakeland Dairies Newtownards plant hosted the PLATO Companies on their recent tour of the facility which witnessed much investment over the last 6 years. PLATO Companies had the opportunity to pick the brains of the Lakelands team in the areas of business growth and international scaling, dealing with food sector regulation and seasonality of supply.

The PLATO companies which attended were "blown away by the scale of investment, and the company's strong food service brand, Millac". Dr Cecilia Hegarty of PLATO who organised the visit said, "for companies in any industry sector interested in further mechanising their production lines, or upgrading warehousing for robotics, it was an excellent opportunity to to be able to see the Systems Logistics Robotic Warehousing machinery in operation in the 30-Metre high dispatch warehouse unit".

With Lakeland having its long co-operative history and Pritchitt's with its lnog-standing reputation as an employer of excellence, it was hugely beneficial for PLATO companies to get an insight track on maintaing strong cmopany values whilst developing into the global marketplace as an industry leader, staying ahead of trends, yet remaining compeititive and servicing the ongong requirements of the wider stakeholders, including farmers. 

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