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PLATO Companies Get An Insight into Irish Homecare Systems

19 April 2018

Irish Homecare is one of Ireland's largest care services providers. A family owned and run service promoting independent living in the community, founded by Sally Murtagh. Sally and her team's work is testimony to how clinical governance is all about ensuring the ‘quality’ of the care provided to clients and continuous improvement.

Sally took the large group of PLATO clients through the conditioning factors of the Irish Health care system and the intricacies of operating a care-based company. Since its birth in 2005, grown out of a passion to develop the caring profession and make improvements thish as led Sally to devising a group structure now owning 5 companies North and South of the island, being the largest independent care provider on the island and one of the main providers to HSE and families through private care. Sally highlighted the importance for their company in boot-strapping and in investing in PEOPLE and the value of training, technology and systems to support carers do their jobs. 

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This tour gave insights into the complex systems to manage over 800 remote workers in remote locations, importance of the team, delegation and trust in meeting the company's core values of dignity and respect.

Sally reiterated the importance of doing "what is right for the business" and took the time to answer the PLATO companies. The group were in awe of Sally's passion for taking Healthcare to the next level, robotics and independent live in care. The PLATO companies in attendance welcomed as  her "straight down the line" responses to guiding the business development growth of these member companies - Sally has always availed of mentoring and is keen to support the peer-to-peer learning and the parent-participant relationship of the PLATO Network.

PLATO EBR wishes to thank Sally and her team for hosting today's visit. 

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