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PLATO Companies Flock to Regina Byrne Coaching Seminar

22 February 2018

Regina Byrne provided a Leadership Coaching Seminar in Creative Spark, Dundalk for 25 senior management and leaders in PLATO companies this week.

Regina levelled with the audience that her first flurry into leadership was somewhat flawed because she thought she had to re-enact what the textbooks said about being a certain leader type.  It wasn’t until much later that she reckoned that she had to stop saying “well I’m not a real leader” to her managers and embrace the changes the role brought and start to communicate appropriately to the people she was managing to get the job done. “Managers have to feel empowered to do their work and leaders need to make decisions when asked, even if they are tough”.

Regina emphasised how “Communication really is everything at work, and I'm on a mission to improve it. I want us to have better workplaces, with more creativity and energy”. Regina had sound advice for the attendees: “All the best laid plans, strategies and procedures don't deliver what we expect, and often fall apart when we fail to communicate well, and we do that... a lot.” It was a reminder to all of us that we could all do better at communicating – we all know when we are burying our heads, avoiding confrontation and so on and thus failing to lead.

Leadership isn’t just something we step into; this session was focused on everyday leadership and real conversations. The first part of that is to focus on self-management, then people management, and the third part if acquiring the essential skills.

Some quick take-aways from Regina’s session were:-

  • Have regular meetings with yourself

  • Hitting the Reset button – what is your ideal day, plan it out so that you have some change of thinking about it and getting there.

  • Remember the penguin story: This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. 

  • Communication is about clarity, compassion, curiosity, confirmation and commitment.

  • Use the right words…and not BUT, why, should, try!

  • Ask the right questions, get the right answers!

  • Remember: The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated

Regina asked all attendees to reflect before they left the session and make a list of things you will stop doing, things you will change, things you will do more of,  and what you will start doing. A number of companies have engaged Regina for a follow-up support session as a result of the training. For more information or advice



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