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Nailing Your Business Elevator Pitch

1 December 2014

By Susan Hayes

We’ve all heard of the elevator pitch. It should be a reflection of your brand, telling your potential customers that “I am the solution you have been looking for”. To do this, you need to tell the world who you are selling to, not just what you sell, but what you specialise in, and exactly what you do, not in a cookie-cutter, administrative-form way (“I’m a graphic designer. I’m an engineer. I’m an accountant”), but in a way that shows people how your solution works, in practice.

The elevator pitch of my company, Hayes Culleton, goes something like this (adapted depending on the occasion, of course): “We speak, write and train about the financial markets, economics and entrepreneurship, online and offline, to corporates and organisations, in the UK, Malta, Ireland and the US.”

Not just “We’re financial trainers”, because that wouldn’t be much help to anyone. It certainly wouldn’t help people see in their mind’s eye what it is we do exactly. Whereas “we speak, write and train” means people can envision us giving a presentation, they can imagine reading our articles, and they can picture themselves in the training room with us – or they can visualize themselves participating in a webinar or navigating their way through a video suite.

Here are some additional pointers to create an elevator pitch that will do justice to the many ways in which your business is absolutely unique." Continue reading HERE

Reproduced with permission form Susan Hayes, The Positive Economist

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