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Monaghan Group gets Underway for PLATO 2015 Programme at Kingspan

22 October 2015

Yet another PLATO EBR Group kicks off for the 2015 Programme, this time in Monaghan. On Wednesday 21st October, The PLATO EBR Monaghan grouping is composed of 20 companies from diverse locations throughout the EBR region, from Down, Louth and Monaghan. The companies are from a highly diverse range of industry sectors including Furniture, Technology, Food, Transport, Beauty, Construction-related and Leisure, Tourism, Adventure, Professional and Consultancy Services and Heavy Engineering.

Facilitating the group is Paul Shortt founder of Castlecool, a previous participant of PLATO many years previous in Monaghan and a longstanding Plato Leader Company in the region, Kingspan through their Commercial Director, Jim Loughran.

Participant companies had the opportunity to present their own individual company growth trajectories and their aspirations for their 12-month Programme. Paul Shortt from Castlecool highlighted the growth journey of the family business which had recently undergone a Management Buyout. Paul highlighted the advantages of building a network of food-related manufacturing and service businesses in the Castleblayney area including Lough Egish Food Park and the technological advances within the company range required to future proof the business. Dr Cecilia Hegarty of PLATO EBR thanked Paul for his commitment to PLATO. She said “…as a prominent local business man, volunteering his time to others in many different facets, we are delighted Paul has volunteered his time and expertise to help small and medium-sized businesses to grow through the PLATO Programme 2015”.  

Jim Loughran of Kingspan, who hosted the first meeting, highlighted the major components of the Kingspan Group and more particularly the breadth of product manufacture on-site in Castleblayney. Jim’s  presentation covered the historic growth of Kingspan and how the Group had acquired various small companies throughout their growth journey and the challenges faced in turning around the revenue streams in these smaller subsidiaries, which included lesser well-known products which have in themselves become hugely successful. For example, Kingspan is the leading manufacturer of custom-moulded thermal containers in Ireland. Dr Cecilia Hegarty of PLATO EBR thanked Jim for his commitment to PLATO and for hosting the meeting in the Taj Mahal of Kinspan buildings.

Dr Hegarty said “…whilst it is not an exact science, we have matched the needs or growth challenges of participant companies in the Network. And we have put in place an expert management team to drive the growth of SMEs through the 12-month Programme with the support of parent companies with key strengths in logistics, technical, sales and international growth.

More information to appear shortly on participant companies.

PLATO EBR is currently over-subscribed, PLATO EBR is taking applications for other groupings in the region, subject to funding, if interested please APPLY NOW and/or send queries to

PLATO EBR wishes the Monaghan Group well in their 12-month Programme of activity ahead.

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