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IntertradeIreland Appoints Brexit Officer

29 September 2017

Brexit - now's the time to Plan, Act and Engage

Mark Steritt, Brexit Manager
Mark Steritt, Brexit Manager
Brexit continues to be the gift that keeps on giving for news editors, who have a seemingly insatiable appetite for all things Brexit-related as it continues to dominate traditional print and social media.  In addition to the media coverage there is no shortage of opinion pieces, speculation, predictions and projections from economists, advisors, banks and other reputable sources, which might lead you to think it is easy for SMEs to plan for the potential impact of Brexit on their businesses.


But this is not proving to be the case in practice as the latest InterTradeIreland Business Monitor survey has identified that 98% of SMEs across the island of Ireland are yet to commence planning for Brexit. 

In this article Mark Steritt, newly appointed Brexit Manager at InterTradeIreland outlines the importance of planning but also provides SMEs with help and support to get started.

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