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How will ROI Budget Report 2016 Impact your Business?

14 October 2015


The 2016 budget was announced on the 13th October 2015 by Finance Minister Michael Noonan, the minister announced a number of important changes; namely the introduction of a €550 tax credit for small business owners and self-employed people and an increase in the USC entry point to €13,000 combined with a 0.5% reduction in the 3.5% and 1.5% USC rates to 3% and 1% respectively, along with a 1.5% reduction in the 7% rate bringing it down to 5.5%. With these USC changes the marginal rate of income tax will reduce to 49.5% for those earning no more than €70,044.

In other taxes the Minister confirmed the corporation tax rate of 12.5% would remain, as would the 9% VAT rate, in relation to capital taxes the CAT lifetime tax-free threshold for gifts & inheritances from parents to their child has been increased from €225,000 to €280,000. Also announced was a special 20% CGT rate on disposals of a part or whole of a business up to a value of €1million. 

For companies involved in R&D the minister announced a new 6.5 per cent corporation tax rate under a new “knowledge development box” (KDB). The aim is to promote companies to be innovation and incentivise this with a lower corporation tax rate. 

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