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Group Leaders & Co-ordinators Networked Training Event

PLATO EBR hosts its second customised training event for Group Leaders and Co-ordinators in the Neuremore Hotel recently. Approximately 20 companies were in attendance from indigenous grown companies to MNCs. The full training session reviewed Modules 1-3 and introduced setting a vision for your group under module 4.

Damien O'Brien of SME Matters expertly conducted the event. Damien has been working with Plato since 2005 originally as a facilitator and subsequently as a contractor running the Advanced Business Development courses. For the past three years Damien has been involved with training facilitators in advance of them working with SME’s and with Plato Dublin.

The customised training modules consisted of the following interlinked modules:

Module 1 - Understanding Irish SME's

Module 2 - Preparing for your first six months in the role

Module 3 - Developing your Facilitation skills

Module 4 – Setting the Vision for your Group – creating the environment


Some of the take-home messages from the September event included:-

- Importance of a Roadmap for participant SMEs - Priority and Urgency – 1X activity versus 50X activity

- Timekeeping & Homework exercises for the Group – figuring out the ‘Why’ you are doing something first makes the ‘How to’ part easy. If asking for a strategy make it a one-pager.

- Balancing Group and Individual needs – creating the environment, setting the tone, ground rules, trust and respect

- Balancing the needs of SMEs at different stages in their growth lifecycle

- Sharing of resources and experiences across PLATO EBR groupings

- Meeting agendas and topics and dealing with the day-to-day (1X versus 50X activities)

- Value of peer-to-peer consulting – specific challenges of participants can be dealt with and shared learning therein

- Difference in people/personalities e.g. people-centric versus task-centric or implementation oriented, value of setting metrics, roles and responsibilities

Damien O’Brien from SME Matters mentioned a number of useful resources throughout the training day these include:-

-       TedTalks Visit:   …in particular RSA Animate

-       Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

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