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Five Business Benefits of Using Twitter

19 February 2016

By Noel McGrath,

As a business owner you may be wondering what Twitter is all about? What can it possibly do for your business? By being active – and creative – on Twitter, you can make a positive difference to your business. Twitter can be a great tool for customer engagement, customer service, product promotion, driving website traffic etc, but today, in this short article, we will focus on 5 ways that Twitter can benefit your business.

1.    Promote your Web Content

You’ve added an interesting blog post to your website or maybe added some new content to you Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. You may have added a new product or service or achieved an exciting, new milestone in the timeline of your business. Maybe you would like to demonstrate the many new and exciting ways customers are using your product. Anyway, you need to get your message out there and Twitter is your ideal partner in this activity. Tweet your message, add a link to your website, add a visual or two and start sharing. Check out @Sugru and see how they share great product and customer content with their Twitter audience.

2.    Use Video to Engage with your Online Audience

Video marketing, in all its different formats, is really popular and has an emotional appeal to the online community. There are many different ways you can use video with Twitter.  You can use the Instagram or Vine apps to share short videos on Twitter. The Twitter mobile app also allow you to capture and share videos and you can always share YouTube videos on Twitter. Use video to demo a product or service, share your expertise, tell a story etc. You’re just limited by your imagination. Check out how Lowes uses video to share DIY tips on their Twitter account using Vine. 

3.    Special Deals and Promotions

You’ve created that special deal for your customers and all the details are up on your website. Now create a link to the relevant page on your site and share it on Twitter. If the deal is appealing enough, you’ll get some retweets and your potential audience will go far beyond your direct followers.

4.    Use the Twitter Search facility for Lead Generation

Twitter has a very powerful search tool and you as a business owner can use it to search for anyone looking for your products or services. When you do a search, you can call up “Advanced Search”, giving you a lot more options regarding location, people, phrases and dates. Recently I typed “Dublin restaurant ?” into the Twitter Search box and below are some of the results that I got.

Twitter Search Restaurants









So, if I’m the owner of a restaurant (or cafe) in Dublin, I just need to reply and convert the customer.

5.    Use hashtags to promote your Business

A hashtag is a word or series of characters in a message that have a # prefix.  It allows people to search for tweets that have a common topic.  Hashtags help to categorise messages: when you search for or click on a hashtag, you’ll see all the other tweets using the same hashtag. For example, applying the hashtags  #Irishbiz or #Irebiz to your tweets will give your tweets visibility when users who are interested in seeing tweets on Irish business type either of these hashtags into the Twitter search box. The hashtag #irishbizparty is used for business promotion in Ireland. The hashtag is most active on Wednesday evenings and businesses are encouraged to promote their business, new product/service etc and tweet using this hashtag.

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