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Craigavon PLATO EBR Group Gets Underway

Thursday 29th August saw the start of another PLATO EBR group, this time in Craigavon Civic Centre. PLATO EBR now has a number of groups operational across the East Border Region, the Craigavon Group is the sixth Group to be established across the East Border Region.  Each PLATO EBR Group is made up of fifteen SMEs at diverse stages in their growth lifecycle. This particular PLATO EBR grouping comprises companies with a strong focus on the importance of digital media, exporting and application of tehcnology.

The companies are from a diverse range of industry sectors including professional services, construction, environmental, digital media and plastics.

The Managing Director of Linergy Group, Richard Moore who is one of the group facilitators attended the welcome meeting. Richard outlined the merits in local companies coming together to share of their collective knowledge and experiences given that Richard also availed of such networks throughout his long and varied career. Richard has a background in agriculture and the meat industry in both Northern Ireland and Ireland having been involved in growing Linden Foods, as joint MD, across 5 sites in the UK and Ireland. Linden Foods has employed up to 1,000 staff  on a culturally diverse workforce and is a multi-million pound business. Richard talked about the trials and tribulations of managing a growth-oriented business. He has worked through times where the industry was crippled by an export ban, and changes in legislation such as BSE Outbreak which changed a multi-million profit line into a real cost for the business, hence Richard’s involvement in establishing a fledgling rendering and renewable energy company in Dungannon, Linergy Group. Richard’s experience will be vital the group in facilitating them through their design and development stages. Richard is also a keen advocate of developing agricultural solutions for developing countries.

Ruth Daly from Sort-It is the appointed group co-ordinator for the Craigavon group and has a wealth of experience in mentoring small growth companies and organising networks. Ruth emphasised the importance of being an active member of the influential network that is PLATO and for the group to capitalise on the opportunities being made available to them.

Dr Cecilia Hegarty, Director of PLATO EBR encouraged all group members to be ambitious to learn and to enjoy the newness of taking time away from their business to work on the strategic direction of the company and wished them every success in their 12-month Programme ahead.

For more information about group members please visit the directory.

PLATO EBR is currently taking applications for other groupings in the region, if interested please APPLY NOW

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