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Could your Business avail of a Trade Accelerator Voucher?

24 November 2015

Trade accelerator vouchers

If you are at the early stage of assessing the potential of developing a cross-border business plan then there are many financial, logistical and regulatory questions may need answered. InterTradeIreland can offer your business financial support worth up to £1000/€1200 plus VAT towards professional advice in areas such as :

  • sales and marketing,
  • tendering,
  • finance,
  • taxation,
  • employment law,
  • currency or
  • regulation.

Our Trade Accelerator Voucher can help your business get advice from participating expert providers in Northern Ireland and Ireland and can be redeemed against the cost of practical advice and expertise on specific issues. The voucher can also be used for market advice to help you scope the potential business opportunity in your opposite jurisdiction.

(Note: For Professionals interested in providing their services, please email for more information) 

Simple Guide to Cross-Border Business

Download our Simple Guide to Cross Border Business (685 KB) which is a simple, practical guide on everything you need to know about expanding your business into a new cross-border territory.

Sales Growth On Your Doorstep (90 KB)

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