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Closing of Application Period: PLATO Over-subscribed Once Again

4 September 2015

Businesses in the Cavan, Louth, Meath and Monaghan and adjoining areas including Northern Ireland have been registering their interest in the Eastern and Border region of the licensed PLATO network. There were approximately 85 applications for 60 places, although recruitment commenced late July over the quiet summer months, proving that there is an appetite for small enterprises to engage with each other and learn from each other in order to grow the company and enter new competitive market spaces.

The application period has now drawn to a close and it is anticipated that Network groups will commence in late September/early October 2015 over a 12-month period. Funded through the Local Enterprises Offices and County Councils in Cavan, Louth, Meath and Monaghan, the PLATO EBR Network will be composed of four groups of 12-15 companies micro- and/or small businesses interested in growing their business and learning from larger companies who have grown their company within the region. These larger, ‘parent’ companies are leaders in their industry sectors, and support the programme by sharing their skills and experience within the network.

The network will provide a sounding board and a support forum for entrepreneurs working out on their own facing similar challenges to business development. The network is centred on a peer to peer learning environment with the regional Local Enterprise Offices rowing in behind the network to offer additional training supports.

Dr Cecilia Hegarty, Director of PLATO EBR, encouraged businesses to take time out of their company to invest in developing their own management capability in order to take their company to the next growth stage. She said, “This iteration of the PLATO initiative is focussed on enhancing the supply of services available to nascent and high growth-oriented entrepreneurs in the region through the Local Enterprise Office. PLATO provides companies with the opportunity to network beyond their locality and join networks in other counties or regions.” Dr Hegarty continued, “By having a critical mass of companies with development and/or training needs in specific niche areas we can pool the resources of the Local Enterprise Offices to provide the appropriate support interventions to assist our indigenous entrepreneurs onto the next stage in the growth cycle. “

If you are interested in joining PLATO EBR in the future, you should register your interest to or or contact the office directly on  Tel: +353 (0) 47 81975

Plato EBR Brochure 2015

Plato EBR EOI Form 2015

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