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Cavan First for PLATO EBR Programme 2015

2 October 2015

On Tuesday 6th October, small companies in the Cavan region will be introduced to the PLATO Model for the first time.  Cavan Local Enterprise Office is excited about hosting the PLATO Network in the region for a group of 13 companies from diverse industry sectors. The PLATO Cavan Group comprises businesses such as Heavy Engineering, Leisure, Professional and Consultancy, Food and Agriculture-related and Digital-focussed.

One of the group Facilitator’s is Helen Milligan from GEM Oils. Gem Oils is located in Regaskin, Cavan, Co Cavan.  Gem Oils principal activity has always been the supply of lubricating oils and greases. Established in 1962 the company remains committed to this area of speciality and we brand our products using the GEM (G.E.Milligan) brand. The Gem Oils specialist sales team services businesses throughout Ireland and  products are delivered using the Gem company owned and operated transport fleet.

Gem Oils operate from a custom-built 1600 sq metre facility (warehousing and administration). There are 27 tanks (indoors in a bunded area) with a total capacity of 750,000ltrs. Its Customer Services centre is locally based in Ireland and Gem operations are ISO9002 approved. Gem Oils is a financially stable company with a current credit rating of 100/100 on VisionNet.

Helen will be able to give of her expert commercial expertise to growth-seeking participant companies. The participant companies will have the opportunity to present their own individual company growth trajectories and their aspirations for their 12-month Programme during the course of the first meeting. Whilst the group are from diverse industry sectors it is clear that common issues/challenges to growth exist within the network.

Dr Hegarty, Director of PLATO EBR  will present on the wider PLATO Model, Programme Structures and Partners. Cecilia said, “The PLATO Network should allow companies to realise their full potential over the next 12-months by holding participant companies accountable for their ongoing decision-making to better inform the strategic direction of the company.”

More information to appear shortly on participant companies.

PLATO EBR is currently over-subscribed, PLATO EBR is taking applications for other groupings in the region, subject to funding, if interested please APPLY NOW and/or send queries to

PLATO EBR wishes the Cavan Group well in their 12-month growth journey ahead.

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