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Blooming PLATO EBR Business “My Organics” features in Tatler

9 March 2015

My Organics is a Monaghan based company getting well deserved coverage in the glossy Tatler magazine. They strive to get living food into kitchens around Ireland , which is in keeping with the present“raw food movement” - a hugely popular and nutritionally beneficial way of eating foods.

My Organics’ is a product range which has stemmed from the family’s organic farm- Mulberry Meadow Farm. They grow on a small 1 acre market garden to a 10 acre farm supplying Michelin Star Chefs to our local farmer’s market, winning awards along the way. We are 100% organic and believe wholeheartedly in the physical and environmental benefits of organic produce.

What is ‘My Organics’?

Mulberry Meadow Farm we have pioneered the movement of micro greens and developed this exciting new product. It is a range of living salad, micro greens and wheatgrass. They have been working on this range for over 2 years and believe they now have it perfected. It is an exciting new product to the world of organics and Mulberry Meadow Farm are committed to growing in an ethical manner.

The concept is that you can buy this product living in a pot, in its organic soil and you eat it as fresh as the day you bought it – when you want! It’s all about you. You harvest the salad when you are ready to eat it, that way you seal in the optimum nutritional value, health benefits and freshness and also eliminate waste- gone are the days when you buy a bag of salad and throw it out because it has lost its freshness.

We are passionate about health and healthy food. These are organic superfoods- you can’t get much better than that!

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