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Baked with Love for PLATO EBR

1 June 2017

Baked with Love welcomes its first group of visitors to its state-of-the-art food factory in Monaghan.

A number of PLATO member Companies from the six cross-border network groupings were among the first group of external visitors to be warmly welcomed to Baked with Love today. The PLATO companies are made up of a range of growth-oriented companies in diverse industry sectors from food production, manufacturing, IT software solutions, agri-supplies and professional services.

Mila Khokha, originally from Belarus is the inspiration behind Baked with Love. Mila told the group of companies how came to Ireland over a decade ago and in mid 2014, she set up the bakery to follow her dream, aspiring that one day Baked with Love would become a brand of choice. Originally an English Grammar language lecturer, Mila worked in a number of manager and training and development type roles before taking the brave decision to branch out on her own, leave the security of a well-paid job behind to follow her passion of baking.

Mila had a passion for baking from a very young age and it's the unique family recipes that have been passed through generations that helped the company to break through to the Irish market. Bramley Apple Twist and Swirly Bites from the Celebration Range are just an example of some unique products that are just an absolute hit among consumers. Swirly Bites are indulgent mini cakes with a delicious hidden filling. The range of flavours include Vanilla and Apricot filling, Lemon and Poppy seed with Lemon Curd filling, Chocolate with Apple and Strawberry filling, Chocolate with Black Cherry filling and Coffee with Toffee filling. The portion size is perfect to curb the sweet tooth without spoiling a healthy lifestyle. Swirly Bites extends the existing Baked With Love range of Snack with a Twist and Celebration Cakes available in SuperValu, Centra, Daybreak, Londis and Topaz.

Mila first started as a home bakery. However, the high potential start-up received so much success, not least due to the novel quality produce and the gluten-free range that she was encouraged to make the significant investment in a new multi-purpose factory which has been in operation for just over six weeks. Mila gave the companies a hands-on reminder of the importance of boot-strapping. The company is undergoing a significant growth at the moment that will result in employing 6 people this year.

Baked with Love has received an impressive range of accolades. As part of the Food Academy Mila achieved product listing in 12 SuperValu stores on a trial basis after 9 weeks in business. In 2014 one of the signature products Bramley Apple Twist became the Regional Finalist in Lidl's "Taste of Success". In 2016, the company received an Enterprise Award for Best Start Up Business in County Monaghan and in 2017 it was named in top 100 HPSUs to watch by Sunday Business Post and many, many more. Mila spoke of the importance of remaining close to the customer, shelf space was critical and while she supplies many of the main retailers on the island has set further ambitious targets to capture further market share in the next 2-years.

PLATO EBR extends every good wish to Mila and her team in the new factory and looks forward to hearing of Baked with Love's continued success!

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